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PROKLEEN Coatings division provides all types of surface coating solutions for aboveground storage tanks as well as industrial and marine applications such as piping and vessels. We are the exclusive distributor and service provider for Adisa ultra modern tank coating and lining systems in Nigeria.Adisa tank coating system is the preferred coating system for oil storage facilities across the globe and we are Adisa representative in Nigeria.

A wide variety of internal and external applications are offered by Adisa , including standard or special surface preparation, application methods and techniques and multi-coat systems, double bond tank coating system , all designed to meet your specific needs.

Anticipated service, site, temperature, environmental and operating conditions vary considerably, so it is necessary that industrial painting and coating services such as Adisa accommodate these variable conditions.

PROKLEEN’s experienced personnel work closely with our customers and with Adisa coating manufacturer to determine the most appropriate coating system for the proposed application. Whether one is considering an epoxy, zinc rich epoxy, polyurethane, water acrylic, inorganic zinc, polyamide, phenolic, coal tar mastic, silicone, alkyd, enamel, vinyl-ester, latex, FRP or other type coating system, PROKLEEN can provide the expertise needed for a long lasting protective coating.

• Scope of Work Development
• Existing Surfaces Evaluation
• Environmental Exposure Analysis
• Proper Surface Preparation
• Coating Selection
• Selection of Optimum Application Method
• Definition of Site Conditions
• Product & Application Assurance.

• Aboveground Storage Tanks
• Pressure Vessels
• Piping
• Structural
• Offshore and Marine Structures
• Other Metal and Non-Metal Structures
• 100% Solids Coating Material
• Low Temp Applications
• Automated Portable Shot Blast Cleaning.

Prokleen Nigeria Limited is a exclusive representative of company ADISA for Nigeria.
The application experiences make Prokleen as specialist for the tank build, tank repairs and reconstruction and lining.
The advantages of Prokleen-offered technologies is the significanty cheaper renovation of old tanks through the application of new technologies as for example composit based doublewall system with vacuum monitoring lining compared to the traditional technologies or a large capacity reservoir.

Key Products:

We are offering oil storage tanks with composit doublewall indication system for storaging refinery products.
• Built of storage tanks for crude oil, refinery products and potable water
• Repair and reconstruction of storage tanks
• Special coatings for steel and concrete tanks, corrosion protection
• External Double –wall tank technology:

To improve the strength, resistance to leaks, and formation of tears and fissures in the inner wall of a double-wall tank, the inner wall is formed, by a plurality of foil or sheet elements which are overlapped at the edges, and covered by a plastic, preferably epoxy layer. The sheet elements are preferably aluminum foils of from 0.15 to 0.3 mm, preferably 0.2 mm thickness. The plastic layer is reinforced by a multi-ply, preferably two-ply, glass fiber fabric, which is so woven that the layers or plies of the fabric are interwoven or interlocked. The fabric is embedded in the plastic coating, before it is cured, for example by rolling it into the plastic coating. To assure good fitting of the inner wall against the outer wall, a vacuum is applied in the space formed by the projections or puckers of the sheet elements and the outer wall before the plastic coating has cured, and maintained until it is cured. The sheet or foil elements and the reinforced plastic will then form a laminate of high inherent stability with high bending and tensile strength, so that fissures are effectively avoided and the tank construction will be reliably tight and highly resistant to the formation of bulges and damage, for example due to dropped tools during installation, or inspection.

Glass-fibre reinforced sandwich construction.

Load-bearing, glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) lining in sandwich construction. For tank diameters from 1400 mm to 3100 mm.

TITAN 3 extra economical

Load-bearing, glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) lining in sandwich construction. For tank diameters from 1400 mm to 1900 mm.

As a single-skin GFK inner-tank (new installation), with no lamination, incorporated at the storage site of the installation into existing old and partially perforated steel tanks, without external coating and without cathodic protection. For storage of heating oil and diesel oil.

The renovation system without costly and troublesome excavation work. The advantage of this installation, which officially is regarded as a new system, is that the old tank which is no longer used does not have to be dug out and taken away. And you do not need any additional tank space either inside or outside the building. Excavation work in the garden is not needed. The tank-in-the tank is permitted in all water-protection areas in Switzerland.

Titan 2 and Titan 3
Are self-supporting tank-in-the-tank systems made from high-quality glass-fibre reinforced plastic materials, resistant to corrosion and ageing. As a result of optimally matched GFK-fabric inlays, the fully plastic tank built up in sandwich construction derives its static strength and elasticity without additional reinforcement measures.

Titan 2 and Titan 3 are completely corrosion resistant. They are unaffected by external chemical attack and by stray electrical currents.

The efficient work process and construction of the Titan systems (without the need for additional reinforcement bands) lead to economical solutions. The layer construction of the Titan 3 system, suited to small diameters of up to 1.90 m, gives especially economical solutions. Titan 2 and Titan 3 mean tank renovation which increases the value of the system.

The self-supporting, symmetrical core-laminate construction is based on thorough scientific calculation of static forces. Intensive material investigations, field trials and very severe tests, as well as experimental results from various test centres under constant monitoring by authorities and investigative bodies guarantee the long-life and reliability of Titan 2 and Titan 3. In accordance with the regulations in force, the plastic tank, tested to ensure complete freedom from leaks, should be fitted with the leak-protection and alarm devices prescribed for the purpose in accordance with the relevant legal conditions

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In our determination to establish a strategic advantage over our competitors and our bid to carve a niche as a market leader in the industry, we have a strong partnership arrangement with both local & foreign technical partners who have the expected satisfactory competency to deliver.

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