Comprehensive Boiler Cleaning

Prokleen Water Installed Unit 2

Prokleen Nigeria Limited has been providing comprehensive boiler system cleaning services for many years. From super heater descaling to Feed-water Heater tube hydro-lasing, our cleaning systems are designed to restore maximum performance.

The use of high pressure water jetting tools has become standard practice for thorough furnace cleaning. Manual and remotely operated hydro blasting accessories are utilized at pressure of 8,000 – 20,000 psi for the removal of scale, slag and ash from Super-heaters, Water Walls, Economizers, and Air Preheaters.

Many industrial and major utilities have discovered that high pressure water jetting is both the quickest and most economical way to restore efficient operation of their boiler systems. From 500 Horsepower package boilers to 500 + Mg W coal fired units, hydro-blasting provides superior cleaning results.

Where applicable, water tube internals can be effectively cleaned free of chemical and scale deposit build-up in a manner similar to that used in our heat exchanger cleaning process. For safety and insurance inspections, the use of 30,000 – 40,000 psi rotary water jetting guns are used to clean water wall welds and ligaments to white metal for UT testing (without using abrasive blast media).

The expense of the cleaning process is rapidly recovered in increased power output and significant fuel savings.


World Class Cleaning Solutions

In our determination to establish a strategic advantage over our competitors and our bid to carve a niche as a market leader in the industry, we have a strong partnership arrangement with both local & foreign technical partners who have the expected satisfactory competency to deliver.

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