Our Capabilities

The name Prokleen is synonymous with quality products and world-class services delivery.

Years of experience with our foreign partnership and product innovation allow us to offer a fully comprehensive range of capabilities and expertise.

Our partnership with world renown expertise on each field of services, is the departure point from which we design solutions to modern challenges in our environment and the oil/gas industry in Nigeria.

This is to achieve cost effective services and to address environmental concerns in line with national regulations.

The Company started business with core provisions of total facility maintenance services, thus:


1. Tank/Vessel Cleaning and Maintenance Services.
2. Pipeline Cleaning And Pigging.
3. Sandblasting and Hydroblasting.
4. General Industrial Cleaning Services.
5. Offshore Maintenance Services.
6. Equipment Inspection and Services.
7. Onshore/Offshore Pipe Laying.
8. Environmental Assessment and Investigation.
9. Oil spillage clean up and Remediation.
10. Supply of solar powered water purification system.
11. Supply of Water treament equipment and Projects.
12. Pumping Services.
13. Well-wash/Well-bore Cleaning Services.
14. Surface treatment, Sand-blasting, Painting & Coating.
15. Rental of Offshore equipments such as Skips & Sludge tanks etc.
16. Integrity and Assurance Testing.
17. Onshore/Offshore painting Services.
18. International & Local Procurement.
19. General Maintenance Services.
20. Project Management of Offshore/Onshore facilities.
21. Corrosion protection, inspection and control.
22. Biological Sludge treatment.
23. Sales and Supply Tank Construction equipment and Accessories (Land & Marine Tankserve UK-Exclusive Distributor, Ecotank India – ExD).
24. Sales and Supply Tank Construction equipment and Accessories (Ateco Tank Technology and Engineering Ltd-Turkey)
25. Construction of Modular Stainless Steel tank (Baysalli Metal Ltd – Turkey)
26. Sales and Supply of industrial nozzles/tank cleaning nozzles (Lechler GmbH –Exclusive Distributor).
27. Sales and Supply of automatic water sprinklers and Irrigation equipment (Microrain-KID GROUP USA–Exclusive Distributor).
28. Sales and Supply of water treatment and waste water equipment. (Atlantic Ultraviolet USA–ExD).
29. Sales and Supply of water treatment and waste water equipment. (3LM Projects-Spain)
30. Supply of Offshore Coating Chemicals, Primers and Paints (Adisa Services und Entwicklungs AG-Switzerland).

The above services are carried out with the best expert advise, personnel, equipment and foreign partnership. This is to bring out the best quality services that is expected of us in the industry with a sound technical leverage.

World Class Cleaning Solutions

In our determination to establish a strategic advantage over our competitors and our bid to carve a niche as a market leader in the industry, we have a strong partnership arrangement with both local & foreign technical partners who have the expected satisfactory competency to deliver.

Our Clients

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