Industrial Water Treatment

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Prokleen Water Engineering Dept. is founded on a bedrock of commitment to provide our clients with processed water that is pure, safe, reliable, consistent and of a quality that not only meets, but exceeds, the legal requirements. This business harnesses cutting edge technology to create solutions for the end user. We gladly accept the responsibility of being accountable custodians of these solutions way beyond commissioning. We pride ourselves as one of the leading mechanical and electrical engineering firm in the water and waste-water industry .With the extensive years of experience, Prokleen is now capable of providing turnkey M&E contracting services, in technical partnership with both foreign and local corroborators.

In addition , Prokleen is also involve in the provision of operation and maintenance services for water treatment plants. Design and Construction, which effectively place Prokleen in the position to provide the total solution for M&E system in water treatment plant from design, supply, install, testing and commissioning of M&E systems down to operation and maintenance of the plants.

Typically our clients are looking for water treatment chemicals that are easy to use and provide the most economically feasible solution given the size and scale of their facilities. The water treatment chemicals we provide are highly concentrated and/or manufactured on site reducing shipping costs and simplifying chemical feed.

Our team of engineers, representatives, and consultants work diligently to provide the best technology currently available. Every facility is individually accessed and provided a water treatment plan to move forward. These plans are easily implemented and flexible in order to achieve better treatment results. We also eliminate the marketing buildup and give the customer what they want “a straight forward easy to understand solution”.

Once a water treatment plan is agreed upon we continue to provide consultation to ensure all chemical programs are applied and maintained correctly. Our equipment solutions are customized to optimize treatment solutions for each facility. These are simple solutions economically fabricated to maximize application results.

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In our determination to establish a strategic advantage over our competitors and our bid to carve a niche as a market leader in the industry, we have a strong partnership arrangement with both local & foreign technical partners who have the expected satisfactory competency to deliver.

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