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Prokleen Nigeria Limited (a member of Salvage Group) is an indigenous facilities maintenance/industrial cleaning company set up to provide top quality services for oil/gas industry in Nigeria.

The Company was incorporated under the laws of Nigeria in August 22nd, 2000 and RC No: 387826, with a corporate goal of offering and maintaining sustained professional excellence and sound business practices in all its areas of operation.

Engr. Steve Osuoha
Prokleen Nigeria Limited is a registered TRAINING consultant with TCHAN     <Read more>
Industrial Pipeline Cleaning
Our safe and effective methods offer non-manual, non-chemical, removal of tenacious scale deposits, corrosion build-up, failed coatings, zebra mussels, marine mollusce, and MIC corrosion cells without damaging pipeline base metal. Special polymers, oxide inhibitors, and base metal....
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Industrial Water Treatment

Prokleen Water Engineering Department is founded on a bedrock of commitment to provide our clients with processed water that is pure, safe, reliable, consistent and of a quality that not only meets, but exceeds, the legal requirements...

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